What is Co-Codamol 30/500 Effervescent 32Tablets? Buy Bulk Co-Codamol 30/500 

Buy bulk Co-Codamol 30/500, Tablets dissolve easily in water and help relieve severe pain, containing codeine and paracetamol. Codeine belongs to a group of medicines called opioid analgesics which act to relieve pain. Buy Co-Codamol online 

It can be used on its own or in combination with other pain killers such as Paracetamol. Co-codamol is used to treat severe pain. Co-Codamol 30/500 wholesale Canada
Co-codamol can be used in children over 12 years of age for the short term relief of moderate pain that is not relieved by other painkillers such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen alone. Co-Codamol 30/500 Effervescent 32Tablets.

Buy Co-Codamol 30/500 Tablets – Buy Co-Codamol UK 

Side Effects of Co-Codamol 30/500 – Wholesale Co-Codamol 30/500 Canada

Co-codamol can affect your ability to drive as it may make you sleepy or dizzy.
• Do not drive whilst taking this medicine until you know how it affects you
• It is an offence to drive if this medicine affects your ability to drive.
• However, you would not be committing an offence if:
– The medicine has been prescribed to treat a medical or dental problem and
– You have taken it according to the instructions given by the prescriber or in the information provided with the medicine and
– It was not affecting your ability to drive safely. Talk to you doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure whether it is safe for you to
drive whilst taking this medicine.
Co-codamol contains sodium and sorbitol
• Sodium: There is 388mg of sodium per effervescent tablet. This may be harmful to people on a low sodium or low salt diet
• Sorbitol: This is a type of sugar. If you have been told by your doctor that you cannot tolerate some sugars, talk to your doctor before taking this medicine. Wholesale Co-Codamol Australia – 

Changing or stopping treatment
Chronic usage of co-codamol may lead to tolerance and dependence. If you
have taken regular daily doses of co-codamol for a long time, do not increase
the dose or suddenly stop treatment without discussing this with your doctor.


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